We trade 600 or 700 pianos in a month to export to many countries. Usually, the 20-ft container transporters 16 pianos, and the 40-ft container transports 34 pianos. We have three warehouses in Vietnam.One of those is located in Hanoi. The other two are located in HCM and Danang.

Each piano is ranked according to its quality, shown by one of 4 levels (A,B,C,D)on each valuation items BODY,KEY,PIN,ACTION and SOUND BORD. We will send you the list of the valuations and the amount of money in an e-mail. Please reply after you select a model from among the list. If you want some more information, please contact us. We export 600 Used Digital Piano to overseas in a month. Please feel free to inform of the detailed inquiry by an email.

Thank you so much !